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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blogging, what girl in 2014 doesn't have (or hasn't had) a blog? I can name at least four people I know that run a blog. Well, here's another. A fashion blog at that. 

I can't say that I'm new to the blogging scene per se. I've made one. Deleted it, made one and deleted it again. One of my instructors advised all the fashion students to make a blog and stick to it. Cant believe I'm blogging again, but here it goes. Let's see who will read this.

My name is Keerah. I'm a from the Midwest, a Sconnie to the bone (Insert wink emoji). I am also a model as well as a fashion marketing student. I'm a late bloomer in modeling, however. Got my start at 19 (that's ANCIENT in model years, some girls start as early as 13) and my strong modeling roots and sheer desire to succeed keeps my blood flowing. Then decided I wanted to study fashion in school because nursing school wasn't cuttin it. I noticed I had a thing for the fashion industry generally. So I guess you can say fashion, it's my thing. 

Oh and the SSI in my blog name is pronounced SHEE- as in "she is a model." It's from my love for a certain culture influenced the name. But well save that for another post. Until next time. 

                                       Yours fiercely.  

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